Graphic Design Services

Don’t have graphics that are ready to go?

Don’t worry, CDE Inc. can also help you clean up low-resolution images to make your final product look its best!

Why does resolution matter?

High-resolution images may be annoying to browse through online because they can take a long time to load, but the bigger the better when it comes to direct-to-garment printing!
Our garment printer acts much like the inkjet printer in your home or office – it uses lots of very tiny dots to create the bigger picture…so naturally the more Dots Per Inch (or DPI) you have, the clearer your images will be.
There are several other factors that will affect how your graphics look once they’ve been printed, but resolution is one of the most important. When submitting files for print, make sure to send us the largest and clearest version you have!

Don’t have any graphics at all?

Our in-house graphic artist specializes in digital illustration and has more than 10 years of experience. She can work from pencil sketches, napkin doodles, photographs, or even just a description of your idea! Art consultations are free, so click the button below to get started!